"The digital revolution has turned the old business playbook upside down"
(David. L Rogers)

The Challenge

"70% of employees are not equipped to exploit the digital revolution"
(Dean Alvarez)

Your Opportunity

"How to Stay Relevant in Today's Fast-Paced Digital World"
(Steven Tulman )

About Us

We Inform Leaders

What we do

We assist you as leaders to improve your situational awareness through a mutual understanding of your business landscape.

Establishing Situational Awareness

  • We initiate a business assessment for your desired framework
  • We engage your people to provide a view of your environment
  • We facilitate a mutual understanding of current and desired state
  • We establish a baseline for your current landscape
  • We provide you meaningful data to enable informed decision making
  • We set the conditions for learning about issues and concerns
  • We provide a vendor agnostic assessment

Our Approach

We provide you an appropriate, knowledge-based assessment framework to inform your decision-making.

The premise for our Assessment Platform

  • The platform is accessible and easy to use
  • The platform is independent of technology vendors
  • The platform allows re-assessment of Key Result Activities to quantify outcomes

Assessment Process


This is gathering data from your own staff as to where the company is, and
identify the target state via online survey.


Reliability and Validity
To ensure the data has been obtained from all designated individuals.


Data is analysed and placed into a heatmap report, representing the findings.


Shed lights on your current situation, propose a way forward.


The presentation of recommendations and suggested prioritisation.

Measure your success

Continuous improvement and validation.